Racing: Pre-bedding in service

Our racing brake pads are also available pre-bedded “ready to race”.
Please ask your local dealer for our brake pads pre-bedded which are available for selected products.
Good braking
secures the win

Starting with optimized brake performance – well embedded professional brake pads and discs. Good preparation and adjustment of the car is the basic requirement for any successful race. Bedding the brake components requires good concentration, experience and a lot of training time. But time is crucial, so you want to save it for other purposes.

Incorrectly bedded brakes reduce the controllability and the lifetime of the pads and discs. The maximum braking performance can only be achieved by correctly bedded brake parts.

To save time and at the end your money, we offer you to prebed brake pads and, if you want it, the matching brake disc.

Via a computer controlled system in a laboratory containment with the right sensory input we can precisely bed in your parts free from environmental influences like traffic, rain or a not well trained driver.

Bedding In


In the first interval the pads will be geometrically aligned. This is needed for an optimum contact patch and is managed at constant pressure and best fitting temperatures. The brakings are defined exactly with mandatory breaks.

In the second block it is all about heating up. Through continuous rising of tem- perature cracks are avoided. The brakings and breaks inbetween are run at fixed defined temperatures.

In the phase of highest tem- peratures the conditioning of the brake pads is the focus. By gasing out the initial-fading will be minimized. This process runs at very high temperatures, and there is a significant weight-loss of the complete pad.

In the last phase “cleaning” - pads and discs are cleaned with well defined stops from remaining dirt and not usable remains from the compound.