New Application: PAGID Racing Brake Fluid for Mini Sprint Car Racing

New Application: PAGID Racing Brake Fluid for Mini Sprint Car Racing

11. June 2018 -

PAGID Racing has developed a new application for PAGID Racing Brake Fluid for Mini Sprint Cars. Chad Hartzell, two-time Plymouth Speedway Track Champion – 600 Non-Wing Sprints, is successfully counting on PAGID Racing.

The driver of Five-Seven Motorsports/Hartzell Racing is participating with a Non-Wing 600cc Micro Sprint Car in the Plymouth Speedway Championship, a very popular series in the United States. The racecar is prepared by Concept Chassis and competes in the races on dirt ovals in the Mid West.

Chad Hartzell is one of the top competitors in Mini Sprint Racing division: he secured the overall championship at Plymouth Speedway in 2016 and 2017. Since the beginning of the 2018 season, he is successfully trusting in PAGID Racing Brake Fluid (RBF). He achieved top-results already in the first races of the season. At the beginning of June, he picked up his first win of the season.

The PAGID Racing Brake Fluid is the perfect choice for Mini Sprint Racing and has been specially formulated for racing applications where the brake systems consistently operate at very high temperatures. It provides for example heat stability and an extreme high dry boiling point.

Chad Hartzell: “The PAGID Racing Brake Fluid has produced great results from the start in the 2018 season and has allowed us to use the brakes to achieve better chassis dynamics in both dry and wet track conditions. Compared to other products I have used, I have experienced less pedal fade and more consistency which greatly helps in the type of racing we do.”


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