Strong Dealers for North America

Strong Dealers for North America

01. May 2019 -

PAGID Racing has further expanded its dealer network in order to ensure an even better availability of the PAGID Racing products in North America. Customers who are trusting in PAGID Racing brake performance can contact eight strong partners in the United States and Canada. They all have vast PAGID Racing knowledge and can support the drivers and teams with all questions and braking solutions.

Northstar Motorsports is a long-term partner with PAGID Racing. The PAGID Racing dealer from Barrington, Illinois is supporting racers from Porsche, BMW, Audi and American Muscle like Corvette and Camaro with braking solutions.

Paragon Products, Inc. is supporting multiple customers in the Southern USA – from McLaren Ceramic applications to Mazda Miata. Thanks to its strong history with Porsche Paragon Products can fulfill all your stopping needs.

Wrightwood Racing is the longest running PAGID Racing partner in North America and can support you with wholesale accounts for PAGID Racing products.

Pro-Systems is supporting your braking needs from Circle Track to Road Racing with PAGID Racing brake products. The PAGID Racing dealer is located in Mooresville, North Carolina close to major race shops that support the racing network in North America.

PAGID Racing distribution partner Braidan Motorsports is located in Markham, Ontario and delivers PAGID Racing brake products to racers in Canada from Ontario to British Columbia.

Hoerr Racing Products is a newer partner for PAGID Racing in North America. The team can offer discs and pads for all the PAGID Racing catalog options and works with key Pro Racing customers to local racers that are looking for premium brake system solutions.

Stable Energies Motorsports is located in the Tri-State Area of New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut and can support your braking needs for multiple applications. The distributor of PAGID Racing has a strong history in European cars and in today’s racing series like American Endurance Racing, World Racing League, #GRIDLIFE and Time Attack events.

A strong dealer and team: KohR Motorsports is racing successfully on PAGID Racing and is also selling PAGID Racing brake products for the Mustang racers in North America. The team takes the knowledge gained on race weekends and is offering these solutions to other racers looking for quality products to achieve victories.

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